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Creative therapy

What is it?

By means of drawing, painting, modelling, collages and letting your body move with you, we will look together at your request for help or complaint in various ways.

Through certain work forms that we use, such as psychosynthesis, in which you learn to look at yourself from a distance and get in touch with your higher self, we try to reconnect you and make you aware of your self-healing capacity*.

With the correct encouragement and guidance, you will discover insights that you can also work with at home! 


What distinguishes this form of therapy from the others is that by being creative, our right hemisphere is stimulated, where our intuition, imagination and ability to associate are located. These are stimulated and stimulate our self-healing capacity*. This allows you to become aware of your shadow sides (the sides of ourselves that we are often not aware of). These are crucial to discover if you want to become more aware of yourself, if you want to work with trauma, the feelings you struggle with and if you want to break through patterns and ingrained convictions. The awareness, coherence and recognition of these feelings, emotions and conceptions is the goal of this form of therapy. So that certain situations in your life no longer have to take over, but integrate into your life line and you can start to feel gratitude and forgiveness. 


You do not have to be able to draw or paint at all to follow this therapy. As long as you can hold a brush or pencil, or even... as long as you can move your hands it is enough! I will guide you through the process and create a safe environment for you to work on getting closer to yourself.



*Self healing capacity = The ability of the body and mind to recover on their own.

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