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And who am I?

I am a person who follows her passions as I grow in life. My time and energy goes into projects that I believe in, feel a connection with and can make an impact on people's lives. For as long as I can remember my interest has been in the human mind, emotional intelligence, what drives people to do the things they do, the patterns in their lives and how they maintain them, people reacting from trauma reactions and all that.


So since the age of 18, by surrounding myself with the right people, I became aware of how to work on these aspects in myself and realised that this is a life's work. The deeper you dig, the more you encounter and discover, but if you look back it is also great to see where you have come from. It is beautiful to be able to be aware of it, to be able to ask yourself conscious questions in order to want to grow, to want to improve, to feel better, to close patterns. So I started to ask myself the questions more often: "Why? Why am I doing the things I do?" - "Why does this keep happening to me?" - "Why do I attract certain situations?" - What are these situations teaching me now?" - What can I do with them? - How can I change?" - What do I need to do or learn to break this pattern?" - ...


Besides this psychological, conscious interest, I have been expressing myself creatively all my life: painting, drawing and writing. I have never been good with words, so I show myself by putting something down.

So I looked for a study in which I could combine these two interests and found Creative Therapy. After 3.5 years, I graduated and got my degree in Drawing Therapy.


Want to know more about me? In my blogposts I will get more personal and you will get to know me better! 



Below is a preview of what I create during my spare time.

Liefs, Hanne


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